Equipment Features :

Industrial control system, continuous carving after power failure and break point and speed control with easy one button operation, highly efficient. It is compatible with Type3, Artcam, Alphacam , ARTCUT, JD, Paint etc. CAM software’s from home and abroad.

Our electric spindle adopt High-Speed bearing technology, with high Rotational speed, Low noise, large power, Fast response, Dynamic performance and stability to meet the high speed work.

High hardness table with PVC engineered-plastic, smooth and flat, matrix adsorbed slot, and equipped with professional large power vacuum pump, high adsorption capacity, moreover, positioning air cylinder is an optional part for easier and more accurate positioning.

SPM CNC Router, High Speed Solvent Printer

Application Industry and Material :

Woods Cabinet, wood door, solid wood, plate-type, window, table, chairs.etc.
Decoration Screen, wave plate, huge-scale hanging, advertisement plates, marking making.
Arts Engraving man-made stone, wood, bamboo, marble, acrylic, double-colour board beautiful.

Technical Parameters :-

Model SM-1325
Working Travel (X- axis) 1300mm
(X- axis) 1300mm
(X- axis) 1300mm
Table Structure Vacuum Suction
Orbit HIWIN or PM! square orbit
Transmission Type X,Y Rack, Z Ball Screw
Working Accuracy +0.05
Repositioning Accuracy +-0.05
Max air move speed 30000 mm/min
Max travelling speed 40000mm/min
Max working speed 25000 mm/min
Spindle parameter Type of cooling: Air cooling
Power: 3KW/4.5KW/6KW
Speed: 0-24000r/min
Inverter 5.5 KW inverter
Drive System Leadshine ME872-SD
Command Code G Code
Control System Rich Auto DSP
Oiling system Manual
Working Voltage AC380V/3PH/50HZ

*speed calculatiuon on 10ft roll under Stander conditions
The Manufacturer reserve the rights to change the specification & features without prior notice.