The UVision FB48 is true UV LED flat bed printer with moving gantry.

UVision is high speed printer thanks to the wide 3 inch swath UV print heads form Konica Minolta. The StarRip software with its unique pass printing algorithm deposits multilayer droplets making the prints look more vibrant in colour. With 6p1 industrial heads high resolution printing at high speed is possible.

Features :

  • Robust build and stable flat bed designed to meet high quality requirements.
  • Controllable three different vacuum zones which ensure substrates are held completelyflat when printing.
  • Water cooled Eco friendly UV LED curing system.
  • 6 picolitre KM print heads produces stunning details and razor sharp text.
  • Precise ink control and negative ink pressures system.
  • High quality caged linear bearing for low noise and long life.
  • Engraved scale on x,y axis.
  • Automatic head height adjust and substrate sensor.
  • Designed and made in India so very reliable and cost effective.
Uvision Uv Flat Bed Printer, Automatic Flex Printing Machine

UVision UV Flat Bed Printer Specifications

Specifications :

Technical Index
Print Head KM 1024 / 512i – 6 picoItr
Max media size 8 ft x 4 ft — 1220 x 2439 mm
Max media thickness 50mm
Print Resolution Max 1440 x 1440 dpi
Print Speed Quality Mode 200 sqft /hr, Standard Mode 300 sqft/hr, Production Mode 400 sqft/hr
Technology Piezoelectric print head. Ultra Violet 395mm LED lamps, Vacuum Bed with zone control
Colours CMYK + optional White & Varnish
Ink Capacity Total 4 liters
RIP Software StarRip
Colour Management ICC and ICM colour profiles.
Ink Type UV curable inks for hard and flexible substrate.
File Formats Tiff, Jpeg, PDF
Media Type Rigid upto 50mm thick with UV acceptable white or clear coatings.
Interface USB 2.0
Operating Temp 20 to 30 deg.
Relative Humidity Max 60 %
Voltage 230 V single phase, 5KVA online UPS

*speed calculatiuon on 10ft roll under Stander conditions
The Manufacturer reserve the rights to change the specification & features without prior notice.